About Us

Empowering Business Systems

Kipepeo Solutions is an IT solutions company that offers cutting edge IT solutions for the modern day IT demands to organizations. Our IT solutions are geared towards meeting your organizations information and telecommunications objectives . We offer solutions on a variety of platforms including:

  • Windows,
  • Linux,
  • Solaris and
  • UNIX based system.

We offer the integration solutions for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server – SLES platforms for organizations.

With us you will create effective and engaging services at the speed and in the quantity your business demands. With our expertise and experience we also offer you training, consultancy, enterprise applications development as based on our solutions.

We have engaged staffs that are highly qualified, experienced and competent to ensure delivery of the highest level of service to our clients. The Company also engages the services of leading consultants on ad hoc basis to complement the work done by in-house staff.