Kipepeo Solutions offers various solutions

Enterprise Operating Systems

In partnership with Red Hat® and SUSE, we offer you a cheaper yet powerful subscription enterprise servers. Mainly Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization is the essential catalyst for cloud computing. Together, in partnership with the virtualization leader VMware®, we build on this solid foundation through platforms and solutions to power your private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, build and run robust cloud applications and supply end-user computing as a cloud-based service. The result is not just any cloud, but your cloud – where accelerated IT delivers accelerated results for your business.

Applications Middleware Solutions

You have the infrastructure set up, how do your applications reside in it? Our team comprises of experienced developers who understand how your applications interact with the infrastructure put in place. The middleware comes in, it plays an important role in providing resources from the server to your applications. We offer middleware solutions based on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform by Red Hat®.

Email Server Solutions

Every organization or enterprise needs a tight security email server for communications and document sharing. Kipepeo Solutions is your number one email server provider. Through partnership with Zimbra Collaboration, we offer you a custom email server with various features and themes just for your organization and personal preference.

We have Linux® server administration training from certified engineers from Red Hat® and SUSE. We also do consultancy for our various solutions.


Why choose us

  • Top notch developers. We have creative and innovative Java EE applications and Android certified developers
  • Experienced System Architects. Our system engineers have the certified knowledge and experience of the know-how. You server will always be up and running with maximum security taken care of.
  • Partnership. We have various partnership with the World’s leading open source leaders in the field of Linux, email, middleware and applications development. Notable companies include; SUSE, Red Hat®, vmware® and Zimbra, A Synacor ProductOpen source first.
  • We believe in open source. It is the fiture. We therefore ensure to solve problems using open source platforms and solutions first.

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